Chassis Mount Aero

Chassis mounted aerodynamic components have profound benefits over traditional bumper mounted aesthetic lips. 

Full Under-Tray Chassis Mounted Splitters create high pressure air above the splitter and streamlines the air underneath creating a low pressure zone. This results in a vacuum effect generating net downforce; pulling your vehicle's front end down.

Chassis Mount Splitters for better traction thus allowing for more precise handling as well as vehicle stability at higher speeds. This effect can be optimized by selecting the appropriate materials, correct splitter angle and choosing the appropriate edge profile which our team would be able to guide you through.

Splitter Ramps also play a crucial role for the operation of a splitter. By curving the splitter upwards at the rear, the underside air is able to evacuate more efficiently. This results in an even lower pressure zone under the splitter thus net downforce.

Outside of racing application, full undertray chassis mount splitters act as an extremely effective bumper saver. Being mounted to the frame, any impact it takes will transfer through to the mounts and chassis rather than the front bumper. This is very useful especially in the case of fiberglass/carbon fibre bumpers or lips. Having the undertray splitter will act as a shield for these fragile (and usually expensive) parts.

It is also equally important to have the splitter mounts be just as strong; however also weak enough to break if a given impact is too extreme to ensure the chassis does not get damaged. 

The process:




Using our state of the art 3D scanner, We scan the frame of the car as well as the bumper to collect all the data needed for a comprehensive design.


Using the high quality scan data, we design the splitter to your needs as well as the mounting brackets.

CNC Machining

Once design is finalized, we CNC Machine out your front splitter using your chosen material.


With the primary components made up, we can now mount everything to your car.


Once the fitment is correct, we can add final touches such as an airdam if needed or splitter rods and or splitter ramps!

If you had any ideas about your build that you think we are able to help with, don't hesitate to contact us below!

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